Chi Sono
EGO is a Freelance Web Designer and works mainly in Rome and Milan. Born in the 90', Virginia is dedicated to the design since childhood, a passion for comics and painting attended the Art School, stimulated by the study of light and shadow, he attended the drawing competitions. Fascinated by and vector graphics programs takes the address of Advertising coprendendo Chart what the right proportions for a brand is vital.
After the Art School cultivates the study of computer languages, so as to be captured by this world. It specializes in a Master in Web Design and Graphic Design . After following several master begins with practice in Rome agencies, forming and shaping his skills as a function of the work. The World is full of information that are waiting to be he learned.

You can learn about the cosmos, but not his ego; the self is more distant than any other star.

Involved by instinct and by his Ego, began to take an interest in the publishing branch for boys achieving the Masters in Graphic Editorial. She loves to design and coloring projects for childhood books but does not neglect certainly manga and comics! He currently works mainly in Rome and Milan.

I take care of the your brand , light type and effective symbols distinguish you from your competitors.
Easy Good Original
the ego name contains the three essential parts for optimal product:
Easy Web Site
Good Branding
Original Digital Art
Sistemi Operativi: OS X|Windows 10

Linguaggi: HTML5 CSS3|
Javascript JQuery |Cycle

CMS: Wordpress|PrestaShop|Magento

Framework: Bootstrap

Adobe: Photoshop|Illustrator|Indesign
Flash| Dreamweaver