"Virginia is a cuisine from the breezy character, determined to accumulate knowledge and to put into practice what he has learned in his designs. Very attentive to the evolution of the web and tip styles to execution clearly an advantage for any web designer. Its best feature is the desire to link the knowledge of the Web with that of Design, a figure with a good room for growth in both directions."
"EGO is proposed as an illustrator, Graphic and Web Designer, and we are extremely happy to reward your work: original, efficient, clean and tidy. It 'clear that, in spite of his pseudonym, EGO puts the focus not herself, but your partner that offers its services with seriousness and clarity."
"I worked on several projects with Virginia as my graphics consultant, the thing that strikes right away is his enthusiasm for his work and begins to throw on paper from the first words of the ideas on the design to be applied, recommendations and tries to meet you on budget. A very professional person: always respect the deadlines of the work by giving you a way to continue the rest of the developments (in my case, the party front end and backend) according to any schedule needed to achieve the goal. Available always on skype to call and clarify a voice rather than writing long emails, always tries to solve the problem as quickly as possible."
"Working with EasyGoodOriginal was simple and rewarding. We developed the project in a short time and it was very pleasant experience that the result has dovetailed best with what I had planned. clear communication, professionalism at work and achieving goals. That's how I love working"
"Virginia know for some time and, in this period, I could appreciate his expertise, his skills and his enormous wealth of knowledge about the world of web design. A professional like this, surrounded by a brilliant human side, make it an excellent resource from many points of view"
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In my work I deal with from the beginning of your idea, taking care of every detail.
How to work: 5 Basic steps
The Web Designer and Graphic Designer job is to identify your target, competition and activities. When you aim your profile is passed to the study of a logo making it a brand. Then it goes to the whole part of the creation and development of the site and social media marketing, through which to advertise your services and values.